School Services


Which Additional Services Are Available to ISP Families?

The following services are available to the Primary and Middle School:

Bus Service

ISP has an optional bus service available to students from Nursery - Grade 9 only. The annual fee for the bus service is €5,250 per student. The bus service is designed to provide transportation to and from school for the school day. There is no bus option for students remaining after school for extended curriculum activities.

Students are picked up and dropped off at designated points as close as possible to their homes, but please keep in mind that the bus service is not door-to-door. The exact location of these points changes annually according to the locations of requesting families, and the bus route is typically finalised and communicated to parents during the first week of school in September.

While every effort is made to keep to the scheduled times, the bus service is subject to traffic conditions, and therefore the times cannot be guaranteed. We aim as much as possible to keep travel time to a minimum. However, as a city-center school, families may expect that students may be on the bus for up to 45 minutes - 1 hour. All buses larger than eight seats include a bus monitor, and students under the age of five years old are required to be seated in a specialized car seat. Staff and security personnel greet the bus immediately upon arrival and departure at the school.

Availability of the bus service depends on where a family lives. Typically, our bus service covers parts of the 16th, 17th, 7th, 8th and 15th arrondissements, depending on the route. Some years, the bus may be able to cover certain areas of Neuilly-sur-Seine and/or Boulogne Billancourt. Service is not guaranteed prior to final confirmation from the bus company and our Primary School administrative coordinator.

For questions related to the bus service, please get in touch with our Admissions team (prospective families) or our bus coordinator at (registered families).

To register for the bus service, you can complete the 'Request for Bus Service' form and return it to the bus coordinator at The registration deadline will be communicated to families in the summer, if planning to begin school in September.

Kindly note that bus routes are not published for security reasons.

The following services are available to Primary School families:


ISP has an optional catering service (hot lunch) available to students from Nursery - Grade 5 only. The fee for this catering service is €8 per meal and is invoiced on a term or annual basis. Students may sign up for the catering service throughout the school year by contacting our Primary School Administrative Coordinator, Katarina Hodgson ( Please note, however, that invoices require billing for a full term basis (e.g. it is not possible to select only certain days for which to participate).

ISP has a contract with an independent French catering company, Ekilibre, which delivers healthy and balanced meals directly to the school each morning. Meals are stored in a refrigerator and then reheated in a microwave to be served hot for lunch.

Our Primary school nurse/nutritionist selects from the choices offered by Ekilibre a starter and main dish with accompanying vegetable, dairy and dessert. Each meal is served with a small roll. Kindly note that all students are served the same meal.

While we are able to offer a no-pork option, we regret that we are unable at this stage to offer a vegetarian or vegan option. As the majority of our students bring a packed lunch from home, we would encourage each family to make an individual choice regarding the lunch meal and to consult our school nurse with any questions. Students with specific food allergies are advised to bring a packed lunch to school each day to avoid any potential allergens in the food preparation process.

A sample menu can be seen here. The choices are noted for each day with the corresponding number of meals.

ISP supports healthy and balanced eating. Students should not be sent to school with chocolate, fizzy drinks, or sweets.

Please note that microwave ovens are for the hot lunch program use only. All other students should use a thermos to keep their meal warm.