Grade placement

We place students into the appropriate grade based on their age on September 1 of their year of entry, in line with the parameters outlined in our Grade Placement chart, accessible here:

ISP Grade Placement Information

Students in Nursery to Grade 5 attend our Primary School campus (rue du Ranelagh), and students in Grades 6 to 12 attend our Secondary School campus (rue Beethoven).

When it appears that it could be beneficial for the student, he or she might be placed in a lower grade than requested, after discussion with the family.

Students are only placed in a higher grade than his/her age group in exceptional cases, when the cut-off date may be extended to December 31. Factors to be considered for such a placement might include:

  • The cut-off date in the child’s country of origin
  • The child’s successful completion of the equivalent grade elsewhere
  • A transcript or report cards from the previous year demonstrating exceptional academic performance and social skill

Please note that no exceptions are granted to Early Years students (Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten) based on age or prior school experience.

The final decision on grade placement will be taken by the school based on all the information gathered through the application process.

Please also visit our Frequent Parent Questions for additional information regarding ISP and the admissions process.