Board of Trustees

The International School of Paris Board of Trustees is the executive and highest legal authorizing body of ISP and governs the ISP Association. The Board is charged with appointing and providing support to the Head of School, establishing basic policies and major programs and delegating the day-to-day administration to the Head of School.

The international spirit of ISP is reflected in the composition of the Board of Trustees, predominantly made up of parents (from both the Primary and Secondary School) representing 15 different nationalities. Members bring diverse skills and experiences, and are all volunteers.

Nathalie Courtel,

Board President

Nathalie Courtel moved to Paris in 2000 from Toronto, Canada as a PWC Consulting change management expert to continue her work helping public and private organizations implement vast and profound organizational change. She and her family moved back to Canada in 2009 and returned to Paris in 2012, at which time, and after considerate review of schools available to the children in Paris, the International School of Paris became the obvious choice. It stood out as truly offering modern, holistic and rigorous schooling, authentically “walking the talk” of bringing out the best in each individual child’s learning experience core to the well rounded IB curriculum. We at ISP believe, as Nathalie does, in the school’s role to educate children for the important 21st century challenges, socio-environmental responsibilities and opportunities.

Nathalie brings to the board her deep understanding of organizational growth and change experience. She is a fluent French and English speaker and hopes to build even deeper ties with the local community. Nathalie is a fervent believer in the invaluable gift of the diversity of the ISP community and hopes to see connections between them be even further nurtured.

Nathalie holds a BA in Interpersonal Communication from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from McGill University. Since leaving the world of consulting Nathalie is pursuing her PhD in business with a particular interest in organizational compassion and aesthetics and how it may support more sustainable organizations.

Ingrid Equestre-Mezger,
Vice President
Ingrid Equestre-Mezger is half American, half British, raised and educated in Switzerland where she obtained a Federal Matura before heading to the US (Macalester College, MN) and Italy (Università Bocconi, MI) to gain an B.A. in Economics and International Studies.

Her passion for languages and travel led to a career in Marketing and Export, first with Swiss family-owned company Caran d’Ache as Area Manager for Europe, followed by the multinationals Unilever as Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East & Duty Free, and Publicis Groupe as Director of New Business and Strategic Planning for Argentina.

Moving throughout Southern Europe and South America with her husband Enzo, Ingrid became involved with the International school system thanks to her children Gregory (Class of 2017) and Vivien (Class of 2021). She was Chairperson for the Primary Education Matters Committee at the ICS (International College of Spain) in Madrid.

A long-term Paris resident since 2011, she has been engaged with the school in a "hands-on" way, such as organising the yearly Welcome Workshop for incoming families. She believes in sharing the understanding and vision of good education in order to make a long lasting difference. "Understanding the reason we learn is key to a successful journey through the school system. " Ingrid is a strong supporter of solid, international education preparing children to succeed and to embrace opportunities anywhere in the world.

Satoshi Imai
Vice President

Satoshi Imai’s international journey began at age 14, when he visited major cities in Europe and in the United States as a member of a Japanese student goodwill group. That experience ignited a fascination with diversity and complexity around the world that has persisted to this day.

Born in Kyoto, Satoshi earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the Université Paris X Nanterre. He made his career at the Japanese investment bank Nomura, holding senior positions in London, Geneva, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Paris before retiring as chairman of the Board of Directors.

While at Banque Nomura France, Satoshi was in charge of the integration of the European and Asia operations of Lehman Brothers, which Nomura had acquired. He also played a pivotal role in promoting French government security in Japan. He recently founded a consulting company, Dialogue Franco-Japonais SARL, to contribute to the development of cultural and economic ties between France and Japan.

Satoshi is eager to serve the multinational community of ISP, and to participate actively in the school’s new strategic plan. His daughter, Sari Imai, a member of the ISP Class of 2016, received her IB diploma with a perfect score of 45.

Trilingual in English, French and Japanese, Satoshi enjoys participating in cultural exchanges and playing piano as a hobby.

Joško Bobanović

Joško Bobanović was born and grew up in Croatia. He completed his university studies in physics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, then moved to Canada to obtain a PhD in physical oceanography at Dalhousie University, later followed by an MBA in finance and marketing from McGill University. Throughout his career he has worked in research and development as an entrepreneur, in marketing, and most recently in the investment industry assisting entrepreneurs in building next generation technology companies.

His experience in living in different countries and interacting with different cultures in many languages allows him to appreciate the diversity and the contribution an international environment can offer. He is currently a partner at Sofinnova Partners, a leading European venture capital investment fund and is responsible for early stage investments in renewable chemistry and bioenergy companies across Europe.

Pieternel Kroes

Originally from the Netherlands, Pieternel Kroes first learned about the International Baccalaureate programs in Japan, where she and her family had moved from the United States in 2006. Her daughter (ISP Class of 2017) went through the Primary Years Programme at Hiroshima International School, and then seamlessly transitioned to the Middle Years Programme at ISP after moving to Paris.

A designer by training, Pieternel wishes to offer her expertise to the ISP board because she is convinced that a stimulating environment and innovative tools are key to spurring academic achievement. She earned a master’s degree in industrial design from Delft University of Technology and has worked in product and interior design in the furniture and automotive industries, as well as in brand design and communications.

Prior to moving to Paris, Pieternel served on the board of the Hiroshima International School. She is currently a member of the board of the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris, a platform and incubator for Dutch Creative Industry initiated by the Dutch Embassy.

Suzanne Bodevin

Suzanne Bodevin and her husband Jacques have lived in five European countries, and educated their children in international, French and Swiss schools. Their son Camille (ISP Class of 2016) entered ISP in 2009, and both of their daughters are studying at Swiss universities.

Suzanne completed her BA at the University of Notre Dame, with majors in Economics and French, then her MA and PhD at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, with specializations in international economics and business. Pursuing her academic interests. She began lecturing at The American University of Paris in 2007, following several years at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland.

Prior to her academic career, Suzanne worked for Procter and Gamble and The World Bank. Her main research interests are sustainable finance and business in the global economy.

Hervé Glasel

A graduate from Ecole Polytechnique in Engineering in 1988, Hervé Glasel began his career in the banking sector with posts in Europe, Asia and North America. Married with four children, he and his family experienced different education systems in Singapore, Spain, the UK and the US.

Fascinated by rapid developments in cognitive sciences, he completed a university degree in Psychology, specializing in Child Development and Education and received an MA in Neuropsychology. In 2008, Hervé left the banking sector to start a network of schools in Paris, CERENE, that work with children with learning disabilities.

Hervé is excited to serve the ISP community as a Board member, sharing his knowledge of the French education system, his experience working with children with special needs and his interest in the impact that discoveries in brain sciences have on the education sector.

Karen Lewis

In 2002 Karen Lewis, born and raised in the US, came to Paris with her husband and two young sons with the intention of only staying three years. The family has enjoyed living and working here so much that the adventure has been extended to over 12 years now! Karen is thrilled to have Andrew (class of 2019) at ISP, where she appreciates the active learning and engaging philosophy of the IB program combined with the warm and supportive staff.

A graduate of the George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC, Karen is currently Assistant General Counsel for Group Legal at Capgemini. Her responsibilities include the handling of large and complex IT deals, global alliances, procurement, M&A and the Group Legal Budget. She was previously in-house counsel with PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and PartnerRe. Karen also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Drexel University. She possesses strong financial skills acquired after starting her career at KPMG as a Certified Public Accountant serving both audit and tax clients.

Karen can often be found at school events, especially those that include the ISP parents’ band with whom her husband, Mark Heim, plays trumpet. Karen also earned a Diplome de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, with an internship at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also enjoys cooking in her spare time. Over the years, she has been a strong supporter of the American Boy Scout unit in Paris serving as Treasurer, Registrar and Merit Badge Counselor.

Sergio Andrade de Araujo

Sérgio Andrade is a Brazilian Marketing Executive with proven experience in pharmaceutical marketing. He gained a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Bio-Chemistry from Sao Paulo University, a Master’s degree in Marketing and MBA from FIA School of Business at the Sao Paulo University.

His innovation and creativity got him many awards from multinational companies such as Novartis and Johnson & Johnson, and most recently in 2016, where he earned 2 Cannes Lions - Gold and Silver - for an application focused on people living with Parkinson’s disease when he was working for Teva Pharmaceutical. His passion for helping people who live with chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia and hepatitis C has led to a strong career in marketing and sales, showing that is possible to serve the world using business and marketing tools, by developing projects beyond the pill. Moreover, it was Attention Deficit disorder (ADHD) that made him believe that innovation to support people would be his passion and life purpose.

He began expanding projects internationally in 2005, prior to which he was a Training Leader for sales representatives. With his move to marketing, he deepened his foray internationally, attending several international medical conferences, business meetings and having fun as well.

In 2017, his wife, Luciana, was invited by her company to assume an international position in Paris, and Sérgio decided to quit his job as Marketing Director to enable the move. He now considers himself an entrepreneur in health, focused in continuous medical education and digital marketing, supporting multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The couple brought along their 9 year old son Ian, who is currently enrolled in the Primary Years Programme at ISP. Sergio believes that ISP can deliver an amazing experience in terms of education, providing a multicultural environment and by helping the children use the resources at hand to really prepare them for our complex world.

Sergio speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish, and is enjoying learning French. He is also continuing to progress with his other hobbies - piano and tennis here in Paris.

Igor Schlumberger,

Igor Schlumberger, born and raised in Paris, is a renowned entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry. Among his many achievements he launched Europe’s foremost shopping destination in 1998,, and served as its CEO. He also co-founded both PrestaShop in 2007, an open source e-commerce solution, and recently in 2012, an industry-leading customer solution called VideoDesk, which uses live video, text and voice chat.

He and his wife Emmanuelle, a primary school teacher in the French educational system, are greatly interested in education. An inquirer by nature, Igor is a fervent believer in the IB program. After spending a year and a half in Palo Alto in California in the early 90s, Igor came back to Paris to raise his family. At ISP, he is able to offer his children an international education, increasing their understanding of the world and their chances for success in a global economy, all the while growing up in Paris. A father of five, three of his children have already graduated from ISP, Isaure (class of 2012), Rémy (class of 2013) and Paul (class of 2015). Emile (class of 2019) is currently attending ISP. Igor is delighted to serve the ISP community as a member of the Board since 2006.

Igor speaks French, English and Spanish and in his spare time he has been practicing Hokido, a martial art, for the last 30 years.

Fernando de las Peñas Nava

Fernando de las Peñas Nava has circled the globe for a multinational career that spans Latin America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. His contact with different cultures and diverse and fast-changing environments has given Fernando direct knowledge of challenging modern realities. He brings to the ISP Board of Trustees a passion to help better prepare our children for a shrinking world of uncertainty and change - a world that demands a new set of tools and personal motivation for success.

Originally from Mexico, Fernando holds a degree in electronic engineering from a Mexican university and has pursued postgraduate studies in Britain, France and Switzerland in engineering, finance and marketing. He moved to Paris in 2012 while on an expat mission with a Swedish company. Currently Fernando runs an independent consultancy company with clients in China. He is also an entrepreneur, with a chain of sushi restaurants and frozen yogurt retailers in central Mexico.

Fernando and his wife, Christine, who is French and holds a degree in political science from a Swiss university, have three children at ISP: Valentina (Class of 2017), Quentin (Class of 2020) and Santiago (Class of 2023). Combined, the family hold passports from Mexico, Spain, France and Colombia.

Jessica Lovejoy

Jessica Lovejoy moved to Paris from New York in 2015 and her commitment to international education developed as she watched her children, James (Class of 2021) and Caroline (Class of 2025), thrive during their first year at ISP. ISP gave them the freedom, encouragement, and tools to take risks, make independent decisions, and embrace complexity.

ISP’s approaches to learning appeal to Jessica because her own career path has been driven by unexpected opportunities and the need to adapt her skills to new situations. She began her professional career as a U.S. Army officer in various leadership positions, including helicopter pilot and Inspector General for the U.S. MIlitary Academy at West Point. She then spent several years as a university-level educator, teaching international relations and American politics.

Most recently, she worked as an attorney with an international law firm in New York, representing clients in cases involving investment banking, insurance, and corporate governance.

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in history and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Notre Dame, a Master in Public Policy degree in international relations from Princeton University and a law degree from the University of Texas.

Jessica is honored to serve on the ISP Board of Trustees and enthusiastically provides her extensive management, legal and educational experience to cultivate and advance ISP’s mission and implement its strategic plan.

Chris Websdane

Chris Websdane was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, the son of primary school teachers and the eldest of six children. After spending 1985 in Japan as an exchange student with American Field Service, he returned to Australia and joined the Army. As a Cavalry officer, he served in a range of command and leadership appointments in peacetime and war. In December 2016, Chris retired from the Regular Army to accompany his family to Paris. He continues to maintain his connections with the Australian Defence Force as an Army Reserve officer conducting special projects.

Chris is married to Fiona, a Diplomat with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, currently posted to the Australian Embassy. Together they have three children, Bridget (2001), Imogen (2003) and Alice (2006). All three girls are students at ISP.

Chris is passionate about encouraging children to pursue their ambitions and strongly believes in an educational approach with the agility and flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of each child. It was the ISP strategic vision and the schools commitment to inquiry-based learning and research-led education that motivated him to nominate for the Board. He was elected to the Board in January 2018 and is a member of the Governance sub-Committee.

Chris is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon and the Australian Command and Staff College. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Defence Studies (United Kingdom) and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds a Master in Management from the University of New South Wales and a Master of Management in Defence Studies from the University of Canberra. He is an avid sportsman and a budding amateur musician, enjoying Australian Rules Football, cricket and Rugby Union; and playing the bass guitar.