Strategic Plan

Our interconnectedness on the planet is the dominating truth of the 21st century. [Sachs, 2002]

More than 50 years of accumulated experience in international education gives the International School of Paris the confidence to offer a bold vision for its future. Our renewed Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan will see us remain relevant, authentic, challenging and of our times. Lived experience has probably always felt complex, but both the terms and depth of its complexity have now changed. In a very important sense the modern world has become dramatically internationalised and it is communities such as ISP that have so much to offer as a model. Together with our partners in the educational world and in civil society, ISP will ensure that the student experience is rich, challenging and enabling.

The Guiding Statements and Strategic Plan provide a road-map for the school, allowing our children to engage with and succeed in an increasingly complex world. What counts as engagement or indeed success can be as diverse as the community we serve. However, they do require skills, attitudes of mind and dispositions of character that only emerge through a variety of learning experiences. The programmes of the International Baccalaureate and the Learner Profile are a permission-slip to make this happen. Such an inquiry-based and concept driven curriculum provide us with the ideal platform to become a research-led learning community. And, making a commitment to research brings with it a willingness to adapt and change according to findings.

We need to better understand, or better remember, our connections with and impact on the natural world. Both the delicacy and complexity of understanding needed to develop a planetary perspective on our actions, to have a fully functioning sense of consequence, have now become central educational imperatives.

The connectivity across the planet we now witness involves more than a digital revolution, crucial though this is. The enormous benefits of the network society need to be tempered by an understanding that it can just as easily generate division as it can foster collaboration. In what can feel like an increasingly post-national world, it is perhaps unsurprising that this has also triggered the rise of nationalism and the politics of identity; the wide horizons of globalisation make us look inward as well as out. As such, it has never been more urgent for young people to be socially, politically, ethically and culturally literate. While these literacies can be cultivated by the whole school community, there is a special role here for experiential and service learning.

It is difficult to imagine a more interesting time to be involved in learning. As such, it is our firm conviction that in an emergent and dynamic society, we should be and will be ‘educating for complexity’

Simon Murray
Head of School

Nathalie Courtel
Board President

Our Vision

Educating for Complexity.

Our Mission

As the leading International Baccalaureate World School in France, we prepare our students to engage with and succeed in a complex world.

Moving from Experience to Influence

Watch this video to learn more about ISP’s history and new Strategic Plan, including statistics, IB Diploma results 2016, and information about the new Cortambert campus!

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Guiding Statements

  • We are committed to the goals, values and standards of the IB programs.
  • We prepare our students to recognize and respond to the challenges and uncertainties of a complex world.
  • As a school we adapt and evolve to remain relevant and authentic in the context of a highly interconnected world.
  • Engaging with cultural difference is a powerful learning experience.
  • We recognize that performance cannot be measured solely by academic achievement. People have a multiplicity of talents and skills which should be encouraged and celebrated.
  • By exploring controversial topics our students will learn to be at ease with uncertainty.
  • We recognize the importance of inspiring inquiry and innovation.
  • Each member of our school community is engaged as an active learner.
  • Learning is not a journey to a destination, it is a mindset. We encourage unlimited personal development in our students.
  • We seek to equip our students with values, strategies and skills to navigate a constantly evolving landscape of information, resources and ideas.
  • We encourage students to use creativity and imagination in their learning.
  • The school participates actively in understanding and contributing to the development of innovative and influential educational practices.
  • Research should be embedded in student learning and professional practice.
  • Student well-being is critical.
  • We aim to develop in young people the resources, agility and imagination needed to live productively and sustainably.
  • By embracing change our students will see challenges and setbacks as exciting learning opportunities.
  • We investigate the changing landscape of identity.
  • We place a social value on learning and understand the relationship between rights and duties.
  • We seek to understand the interdependence of sustainable human living in social, economic, environmental and political structures.
  • We recognize that international education requires exceptional language learning through which students are able to communicate effectively, develop their cognitive abilities, discover their own identity and share that of others.
  • Students should discover what you learn from doing.
  • We provide opportunities for our students to contribute, to collaborate and to learn that they can make a difference.
  • Students have access to the unique learning that comes from a strong program of service to others.

ISP celebrates the launch of its new Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

The International School of Paris marked the launch of the school's new Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan with a superb community event at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. On Saturday, October 15, a group of one thousand people – students, staff, parents, alumni and friends of ISP – gathered to celebrate the new direction of the school, to enjoy a night at a museum, and to participate in an amazing opportunity to learn together.

The guests were welcomed by Nathalie Courtel, President of ISP's Board of Trustees, after which our Head of School, Simon Murray, presented the framework in which the new Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan were created.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Lydia Ruprecht, Team Leader of Global Citizenship Education at UNESCO, who gave a powerful speech about UNESCO's goals for education.

Everyone was excited to tour the museum in the fairy tale atmosphere created by the constantly changing colours of the lighting, and the abundant buffet was greatly appreciated by young and old alike. Students with rosy cheeks and bright eyes were busy making the most of this whole school field trip, which was almost too good to be true.

Photos: Jean François Deroubaix

If you would like your own electronic copy of a photo from the event, please contact Stephine Corso at

Feedback from our students:

"It was great to be able to spend time with students across the different grade levels."

"I really liked the fact that we were able to learn so much about the animals."

From our parents:

"Wonderful speech by Mr. Murray... follow the children, they're the visionaries..."

"ISP family night at the Natural History Museum to kick off "Moving from Experience to Influence" - such a great venue and an evening to remember!"

« Une magnifique soirée qui donnait de l'ISP une image d'ouverture, de culture et de grande convivialité. Merci! »

From our faculty and staff:

« Soirée cocktails-buffet... Pas n'importe où... Au musée national d'histoire naturelle ... [Ce n'est] pas tous les jours qu'on visite un musée à 23 h ... J'adore mon boulot ! Merci ISP !"

"It was wonderful to be able to gather with the whole community, and to celebrate the past, present and especially the future of the school together. It was especially heart-warming to see the students so excited about the exhibition. Their curiosity and love for learning was obvious tonight. "

From friends of the school:

"Now this is a strategic plan launch event. Bravo, ISP!"

New Vision: Educating for Complexity

New Mission: As the leading International Baccalaureate World School in France, we stimulate our students to learn to engage with and succeed in a complex world.

Strategic Plan theme: Moving from Experience to Influence.

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