The Parent Teacher Association Presents Paris


PTA Presents Paris Welcome Workshop for New Parents
Friday 14 September 2018

Over 60 new ISP parents attended the PTA Presents Paris workshop hosted by ISP’s PTA. The event is an occasion for existing parents to give new parents information about family life in their new city. All attendees received a Paris handbook written by the ISP parent community.

Speakers included Dr Barbara Hanke of the American Hospital who spoke to parents about navigating the French medical system and gave advice about emergency medical care in Paris.

ISP parent Ingrid Equestre presented Paris survival tips and advice ranging from the best museum memberships to the transport system.

Other speakers included John Burns, Head of School at ISP, Kate Grant, Head of Primary School, and Damian Kerr, Head of Secondary School, all of whom extended a warm welcome to this year’s new parents.

Speaking at the event, Jennifer Hamerman, PTA President, said: “This event is special for the parent community at ISP. It’s our chance to give back and share essential information with the new parents. We all remember how it felt to be new here and we want to ease the transition in any way we can for our new families.”