The Parent Teacher Association Oranises the Bazaar


Holiday Bazaar 2018 at the Primary School
7 December 2018

On Friday 7 December, the annual PTA Holiday Bazaar took place at the Primary School.  For weeks in advance, both parents and children had been crafting homemade goods to sell.  This crafting took place both individually at home and also in sessions organised by the PTA at school.

This year saw increased involvement in the event from students.  Grade 2 got involved to help with the organisation, from making gift wrap to preparing special organising kits for their fellow students to bring to the Bazaar, including shopping lists and money wallets.  Grade 5 played a special role in selecting Imagine for Margo, a paediatric cancer charity, to receive the full proceeds from the sales.

The big day arrived and each Grade had their chance, armed with pocket money, to enjoy a shopping spree around the gym, which had been set up as a Holiday Market.  The PTA had selected the theme ‘Better Together’ and the gym was beautifully decorated to reflect that, with many of the decorations provided by students. 

PTA President Jennifer Hamerman said:  “The Holiday Bazaar at Primary is always such a special event.  It is always a joy to see the whole community coming together, both to craft in the weeks before and also to make the big day itself so special for the children.  A huge thank you to parents Emily Turk and Alexandra Azzarello for all their efforts and to the great team of parents who volunteered.  We also broke our own record in terms of fundraising and we’re all very proud of how much money we were able to make for Imagine for Margo.”