The ISP Community

Year in Review 2018-19


The PTA Presents Paris

This event is special for the parent community at ISP. It’s our chance to give back and share essential information with the new parents. We all remember how it felt to be new here and we want to ease the transition in any way we can for our new families.

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International Night

Parents brought along homemade food from their home countries.  Music was provided by The Doodads band, which includes parents and teachers from the ISP community.  Parent volunteers signed up for shifts on the bar and to help set the event up.

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Holiday Bazaar

This is such a special event at the Primary School.  It is a joy to see the whole community coming together, both to craft in the weeks before and to make the big day itself special for the children. We even broke our Imagine for Margo fundraising effort!

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What Is the ISP Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

The International School of Paris Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an independent, non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteer parents, whose mission is to provide support for members of the ISP community. Our dedicated PTA volunteers work hard to organize a variety of social activities and information sessions for parents to enjoy throughout the year. Critical to the life of the school, our PTA provides support for a variety of student activities and serves as a valuable point of contact between all parents and teachers.

Creating Memories for the ISP Community

To help create ISP's welcoming spirit that bonds families, the PTA sponsors three main types of activities:

Social Events & Information Sessions

These events provide an opportunity for members of the community to get to know one another in an informal setting and to ask questions about life in Paris or about ISP.

Coffee Mornings: Social get-togethers for parents, announced via email and the weekly newsletter.

PTA's Intro to Paris: An information session for new families to answer questions about attending ISP and living in Paris.

International Night: One of the PTA’s major social events of the year for parents and staff, with refreshments, music and dancing.

School's Out Summer's Coming Party: This end-of-year party provides an opportunity for departing staff and families to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and say goodbye to one another before school ends.

School Support Programs

PTA Class Representative: The point person for assisting with communication between parents and teachers of a particular classroom or grade. The Class Representatives coordinate coffee morning social gatherings and help to get parents involved in school activities.

Volunteers to Assist ISP Staff: Librarians and teachers always welcome any assistance.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Days: Our special annual celebration days to say thanks to our teachers and staff.

Holiday Bazaar: A holiday market of small items for Primary School students to buy as gifts for family and friends.

Activities & Classes

Parents and other members of the ISP community organize a variety of activities that are open to parents. Many activities are free of charge or are available for a small fee and provide an opportunity for parents to meet one another, practice a skill or hobby or learn a bit more about life in Paris. Current PTA-sponsored activities for parents are listed each week in the newsletter. In the past these activities have included:

  • Cooking lessons.
  • Walking tours of Paris.
  • French or English book clubs.
  • Photography.
  • Language conversation classes.
  • Tai Chi, yoga, pilates and so much more!


A Year of PTA Events

Watch the video below to see images of different PTA events throughout the year.


How Can I Volunteer to Share My Time or Talents?

If you wish to volunteer your time or talents to support the ISP community, please contact the PTA by email:

There is a role that's right for you, including membership in the PTA Executive Committee, the “management team” that administers and coordinates the PTA. Other roles are listed below:

  • Class Representative: Assisting with communication between parents and teachers of a particular classroom or grade. Coordinate coffee morning social meetings and help to get parents involved in school activities.
  • Parent Partners: Assist new families from a similar cultural or language background with advice on living in Paris and attending ISP.
  • Library Assistance: Assist librarians with re-shelving books, inventory, reading to students, etc.
  • Welcome Workshop: Help to orient new families at ISP at a workshop designed to answer questions about attending ISP and living in Paris.
  • Holiday Bazaar: Organize and craft to create the school’s Holiday market of small gift items for Primary School students to buy as gifts for family and friends.
  • International Night: Help plan the PTA’s major social event of the year for parents and staff. It includes refreshments, dancing and music.
  • Teacher Appreciation Days: Work together with other parents to provide our teachers and staff special days with breakfasts and snacks.
  • Overnight Student Host: Host visiting student(s) from out-of-town who are participating in ISP-sponsored events (e.g. Model United Nations program, Choirs).

The PTA does not receive funding from the school and therefore relies entirely on donations to fund PTA-sponsored activities and programs. You can also email the PTA to make a donation that will strengthen PTA programs and activities.


Community Voices

I'm really happy that our family happens to be in Paris and at ISP at this time. The positive energy and atmosphere in the school are amazing, and I'm grateful to be able to join in and experience this.
Marita, ISP parent
We have one common goal: to provide the students with the best educational and personal experience possible during their time at ISP. This passion unites and motivates us to exchange our experiences and share our advice from child care, to homework, to school events, to local survival tips, to making new friends. 
ISP is always open to new thoughts and ideas from the parents' side. 
ISP parent
At ISP the most important values are a commitment to the IB and the inclusion of all students and their cultural differences. 
ISP parent

What Does the ISP Community Say About ISP?

As part of the current five-year reaccreditation cycle, the ISP community (all students, parents and staff) completed a survey.

The detailed survey includes hundreds of questions about learning, safety, leadership and school environment. When responses are analysed and compared to those of other international schools a global picture of school life emerges, allowing leaders to develop action plans for school improvement during the following reaccreditation cycle.

Watch the video below to see ISP results, and to have a better understanding of life in the ISP community. 

Accreditation Reports

The three reports below are the result of a sychronised accreditation process, completed in February 2019 after the self-study. The accrediting bodies (CIS, NEASC and the IB) reviewed the self-study survey and visited ISP during a week in order to give their expert commendations and recommendations about the ISP experience. You can download the reports by clicking on the buttons.