Leadership Teams

Simon Murray, Head of School

Damian Kerr, Secondary School Principal

Kate Grant, Primary School Principal

School Leadership Team

Simon Murray, Head of School

Kate Grant, Primary School Principal

Damian Kerr, Secondary School Principal

Stéphanie Gilbert, Director of Human Resources

Isabelle Giraud-Carrier,
Finance Director

Richard Hine, Director of Strategic Development

Paul Tagg, IT Director

Secondary School Leadership Team

Damian Kerr, Secondary School Principal

Rajvinder Bolla, Vice Principal Wellbeing

Margo Martin, Vice Principal Organisation

Philip Anderson, IB Diploma Coordinator

Lucy Whitfield, IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Primary School Leadership Team

Kate Grant, Primary School Principal

Elisabeth Mailhac, Vice Principal Wellbeing

Clodagh Ryan, Vice Principal Organisation

Sam Sherratt, IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Message from the Head of School

Perhaps it should feel enough to point out that ISP is unique in being the only international school in France accredited to offer the major educational programmes of the International Baccalaureate, that it draws on its considerable experience and expertise to offer an academically challenging, socially engaged and culturally rich experience, and that it sits in the heart of one of the world’s most important cities. But while all true, it does not really do justice to the opportunities to learn and develop that the school provides, nor does it capture the texture and vitality of the school community. ISP prizes the diversity of its talents and world views and strives to create a culture where everyone can flourish.

Our recently renewed Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan are properly ambitious in their educational reach and scope and need to be if the school is to accommodate the remarkable range of people that it serves. While we are justifiably proud of what the school has been able to achieve over the last 50 years, we like to think that we are forward thinking and progressive as well as seasoned.

If you are considering joining the school then I would urge you to spend some time sampling what the school has to offer. I hope that on reflection you agree with Victor Hugo, whose house is just round the corner, that “to study in Paris is to be born in Paris”.

I look forward to meeting you should you visit or join the school,

Simon Murray
Head of School