Paris as a Classroom

Out and about in the city

Going to school in the center of a vibrant, modern city such as Paris provides the perfect backdrop for international learning. At ISP our students engage with the historical, scientific and cultural opportunities that this great city offers, making regular visits to parks, organizations and museums, and even exhibiting their work in a professional Parisian art gallery.

The students tour the city on foot to learn about the history of Paris and France, and visit places like the Cité des Sciences to enhance their understanding of how the world works. They benefit from all of the different possibilities offered by the exciting and stimulating city center environment of our school.

Few would argue that the daily view of the Eiffel Tower just across the River Seine ever tires, and we at ISP are lucky to witness that every day!

paris as seen by our students
Grade 3 student Avery created this video at the Claude Monet Garden in Giverny as part of technology learning at ISP.

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Photo by Barry Cartwright

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