Sustainable Development Project

International School of Paris leads student trips to less economically developed countries, like Namibia, Ghana and Costa Rica, to show students how they can have a positive influence on the lives of the inhabitants, by promoting sustainable development.

During these annual trips, the school does not make monetary donations to local charitable organizations. Rather, a team of student volunteers works alongside local people in service projects which directly benefit the community and the local children, in particular.

By contributing to a worthwhile cause, ISP students gain a meaningful experience and build a spirit of friendship and solidarity that goes beyond the boundaries of politics, religion, race, and geography. The trips also help students become more independent and self-reliant: they have to learn and understand the rules of living in a small community by cooking for themselves, washing their own clothes and adapting to a new and challenging environment.

2017 Sustainable Development Trip

For the 2017 trip, ISP's Sustainable Development Team will return to Tafi Atome, a village in the south-eastern Volta region in Ghana, to finish the project that we have worked on for three years. Our project is built on three strongly-linked aspects: economic, socio-educational and environmental development. The students' main initiatives will be to:

  • Finish building the orphanage;
  • Provide learning support for Primary School children in reading;
  • Teach children mathematics, English, French, science and computer technology, sharing the knowledge they have received through the IB programmes;
  • Hold workshops to raise awareness of AIDS among teenagers;
  • Run after-school activities.

For more information, please contact Marie-Cyrille Lavalle, the Sustainable Development Project Leader, at

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