Grade 7s make their Love in a Box deliveries in time for Christmas

Students from ISP's Grade 6 and 7 EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes recently completed the Love in a Box project. The project is part of a community effort to take an empty shoe box and transform it into a thoughtful gift for a child, who may not otherwise receive a gift this Christmas. The contents of the boxes range from toys and sweets to soap and toothbrushes, with each box personalized to suit a child of a certain age. ISP is one of twenty schools participating in the project in Paris, in addition to members of the community and parishioners of the American Cathedral.

ISP Love in a Box

The students organising the project at ISP this year have been doing so as part of their additional English language classes. As students who are new to learning English, Love in a Box was an opportunity for them to work together on a project and speak English with members of the local community. Four of these students were chosen to deliver ISP's boxes to the American Cathedral in Paris and were asked to write about their experience:

On Friday, we went to the American Cathedral to give the boxes of presents from Love in a Box with Ms Climmer, Ms Knight and our classmates. The boxes of presents were for poor children who don't have the possibility of receiving Christmas presents so the school decided that all of us need to bring a box of presents for them. We went by foot to the cathedral and it took 20 minutes. When we arrived we gave the boxes to the president of the association, then we asked her some questions such as "who are you giving them to?", "how many children receive the boxes?", "how many boxes do you have?" and "which country are the children from?" She told us that they normally distribute 3000 boxes to different associations in France and also in Bulgaria. Finally, we helped another school with their boxes. We helped the organisers move 300 of them into the cathedral and we stacked them so they could be checked. In the cathedral we could see the other boxes and flags. We stayed there for 45 minutes. We found the experience exciting and it made us feel good to help other people. We would like to do it again because it was fun.

By Maxine, Gustavo, Miu and Seoyoung (Grade 7)

ISP Love in a Box

ISP Love in a Box

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