ISP is paid a visit by the World Class Study in London Group to talk university applications

With a new academic year comes the beginning of a new cycle of college and university applications. Every year ISP's university counselling team, made up of counselors dedicated to applications to Anglophone, European, Japanese and Korean institutes, make sure that students can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting colleges and universities and preparing their applications.

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ISP's Anglophone university counselor, Diane Hopkinson, begins each academic year by organizing a series of visits from institutes from the UK, the US and Canada to talk to our students and parents. The visits are geared mostly towards Diploma Programme students, in Grade 11 and 12, but students from as young as Grade 9 are invited to explore the possibilities of higher study too.

Since September, ISP has welcomed representatives from a wide range of higher education institutes from all over the world including John Hopkins University, Tufts University, Wesleyan College, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, University of London's Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway, Lancaster University, the University of Nottingham and the Paris College of Art. One highlight of the season was a presentation to students from Daria Lysyakova, ISP alumna (class of 2016) and current Oxford law student, about applying and studying at Oxford University.

ISP alumna visits to talk Oxford applications

University counselor Diane Hopkinson and ISP alumna Daria Lysykova

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On Wednesday, October 11, we were delighted that the World Class Study in London Group paid ISP a visit. The delegation included representatives from University of London universities: Imperial College; the London School of Economics; University College London; and King's College. This year's visit from the World Class Study in London Group was one of the best-attended university events of the year so far at ISP. More than thirty students came to hear the universities' admissions officers talk about the advantages of studying at these London institutes and how the UK university application system works.

London universities visit ISP

So what's so special about studying at one of these London universities? Imperial's representative explained to students that a key focus of their programs is a strong link to industry, with a number of courses incorporating a year of related industry work into the bachelor's program of study. The importance of broad interdisciplinary study was one of the key messages from King's College. Students learned that choosing a certain bachelor program does not restrict them to studying within one discipline or department, but that a science degree can open the door to studying the history of science, technology and medical ethics.

Coming up over the next few weeks, we are also looking forward to welcoming Boston University, the University of California-Riverside, the University of Southern California, New York University, Vassar College, and the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. A special presentation on "Everything to Know about Highly Selective Admissions" by the California Claremont University Consortium schools (Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer College, Scripps) is scheduled for November and is set to be an insightful evening on the US admissions process for highly selective schools.

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