Research at ISP

Research should be embedded in student learning and professional practice.

ISP Guiding Statements, Inquiry, Innovation and Learning, Statement 7

Professional learning at ISP is as much an attitude of mind as it is a programme of supported activities. While the school invests significantly in conventional training in partnership with both national and international agencies, we are very fortunate in being able to tap into the considerable expertise of our existing faculty many of whom are examiners, workshop leaders and conference speakers. As such, we aspire to be a research-led community able to participate in educational development and innovation whether this involves our ongoing Action Research groups, our annual Research Conference, as the Paris host to IB Workshops or through the envisaged launch of our new Centre for Research and Professional Learning.

Leading Edge

The Leading Edge Learning Programme is an invitation to ISP staff to reflect on and investigate an area of their practice.

The programme is funded by ISP and is intended in the first instance to provide for three years of funded support for staff. The programme, currently in its third year, is supported by the Senior Leadership Team at ISP and three external supervising tutors with experience of international education, and school and university teaching.

The goal of the programme is to use research to change practice at ISP, as well as to inform strategic direction, vision and mission.

"...turning intuitive and spontaneous judgements into more systematic investigations, starting with the everyday questions which teachers ask themselves" (Handscomb, 2013)

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Watch ISP's action researchers explain their projects for this year.
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ISP Action Research Conference 2015
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ISP Action Research Conference 2016
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