Vacations and Closures

Calendar of vacations and closures 2017-2018

Wednesday, August 30

All teachers and support staff return

Thursday, August 31

Secondary School new student orientation

Friday, September 1

Classes start for Grade 12

Primary School new student orientation (G1–G5)

Monday, September 4

Classes start for all students in Grades 1-11

Early Years new student orientation (Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Thursday, October 26

Toussaint vacation starts after classes for students

Friday, October 27

Professional development day for all staff

Monday, November 6

School re-opens for students after Toussaint vacation

Friday, November 17

Professional development day for all staff, school closed

Friday, December 22

Winter vacation starts after classes

Monday, January 8

Professional development day for all staff

Tuesday, January 9

School re-opens after winter vacation

Friday, February 16

Ski break vacation starts after classes

Tuesday, February 27

School re-opens after ski break

Monday, April 2

Easter Monday, school closed

Friday, April 13

Spring vacation starts after classes

Wednesday, May 2

School re-opens after spring vacation

Thursday, May 10 & Friday, May 11

Ascension weekend, school closed

Monday, May 21

Whit Monday, school closed

Thursday, June 28

Summer vacation starts after school for students

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